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How to configure your XPS production line

What you will learn inside this informative guide

XPS production line consists of

  • 7 components loss-in-weight feeding system
  • 7 components gravimetric feeding system
  • Auger feeding system
  • Modular design screw elements for twin screw extruder
  • Screw inside cooling

The first thing you will learn is output. Its importance including how much capacity will you need. For example, 500kg/hr. or 1.5 ton per hour, there is big difference when capacity varies and this guide will inform you on just that.

Next we will focus on the XPS production line, which consisted of feeding system, extrusion system, die, and downstream. Understanding this will allow you to make the best choices when considering your unique needs.


Before your investment, you need to learn something about how to configure your XPS production line to get the most out of your investment.

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