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Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

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Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder with unique working principle, counter rotating twin screw extruder stands at a particular niche in polymer processing. It is especially useful in reaction and devolatilization extrusion.

We have developed special barrel and screw elements against some peculiar uses. Due to its special intermeshing principle makes the relative speed between two corresponding screws slow. As a result, the materials will undertake less shearing force during the processing course.

The material surface renewal rate of counter rotating twin screw extruder is higher than other extruders and the exposure surface area is larger than others. This is so it can be incorporated with degassing or vacuum system for better devolitilization effect. The counter rotating twin screw extruder has been widely used in reaction extrusion, devolitilization, PVC compounding, and WPC direct extrusion.

The advantages at a glance
  • Modular design screw and barrel
  • Flexible free screw volume
  • Expertise in reaction and devolitilization extrusion

Product Model

  • Machine design
    Useon has long tradition and advantage in devolatilization and reaction extruder. Modular screw design allows TDY more flexiblity. We have developed some special elements which balance the shearing force and dispersion effect.

    TDY’s unique intermesh principle provide bigger exposure surface of materials which can be incorporated with vacuum system to obtain best degassing effect.

  • Control system
    Control system can be on-site control, also remote control is available. Our experts can diagnose your machines from internet module. From button panel to industry computer, we can customize control system according your specific requirements and budget.

  • Application
    TDY has been widely used in processing of PVC, WPC, direction extrusion and devolatilization.

    From conveying, through raw materials feeding, melting, dispersing, homogenizing, devolatilizing, pressure build-up, probably cooling and filtering, and pelletizing or extrusion molding, every single step has to be precisely fit the specific application.

  • Technical data
    Model TDY40 TDY52 TDY65 TDY75 TDY95 TDY110 41 5.14 62.4 71 93 108
    rpm 600 600 600 600 600 400
    L/D 32-64 32-64 32-64 32-64 32-64 32-64
    Motor kw 30 55 90 132 280 450
    Torque NM 240 440 720 1050 2228 3400
    Output 50-100 120-250 150-300 250-260 600-1200 1000-2000