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What would you do with an endless supply of plastic? Rely on USEON’s relentless innovation to solve todays plastic recycling problems. Our technology liberates you to keep the same quality plastic as the day it was first formed.

You can depend on USEON’s experience to develop and deliver custom machines capable of handling thorny recycling tasks. No longer struggle with bottle-grade PET recycling, fluffy materials handling or what ever plastic recycling opportunities are thrown your way. Let our research into recycling processes work toward a greener future. Contact us today to see what possiblities are in store for your tomorrow.

  • Streamlined Modern Process Flow
  • Saving Upto 40% on Energy Consumption
  • Refined Quality in Final Product
  • Individual Solutions Geared Specifically for Recycling Tasks
Force Feeding System

Force Feeding System

Our force feeding system is engineered to accept light weight and fluffy materials. The system can handle scraps of BOPET, PET flakes, or other common scraps. For many raw materials this system eliminates a volume reduction device.

Other plastic recycling systems use electrical heaters; melting the scraps to facilitate feeding. This inferior heating process damages quality of the final product. Our solution employs a force feeder. By using a mechanical solution it will increase the quality of your final product.

Our feeding system can be integrated with your dust or margin scraps collection system. This will allow the recycling work to be done online.

Main Extrusion System

Main Extrusion System

Using a single screw extruder, co-rotating twin screw extruder or counter rotating twin screw extruder you can handle recycling a variety of thermal plastics. Defined solutions that meet each meaterials characterists.

Our experts can guide you with different materials to find the most suitable extrusion system. Explaing the difference between each extrusion system used in recycling. During the extrusion process we will find unit value added savings during the material modification, filling, coloring and reinforcement stages. This is possible using concurrent, convergent processes we have successfully deployed in the past.

Direct extrusion with plastic waste is a new concept of recycling which requires extrusion system having higher processing ability to fulfill the some processing tasks during recycling. Our expertise in extrusion system will help you figure out the best solution. Contact us today to find your solution.

Melt Filtration System

Melt Filtration System

Your melt filtration system has a direct impact on the quality of final products. A suitable filtration system will not only improve the quality, but also increase the productivity of your line.

We offer correspondent filtration systems that will ensure the impurities will be filtered without leakage. This meets various flow character and processing requirements.

The filtration system will be mounted to a pressure alarm system before and after design. This serves to calculate the pressure difference that could be linked with the movement of screw changer. The filtration system is interlocked with main extruder.

We also have filtration system for high pressure working condition, which takes up to 350 bars without any leakage.



Most recycling tasks make granules as a mediate product. For some materials, either pelletizing system or sheet extrusion downstream can be equipped after the recycle extrusion system. In the case of PET bottle flakes recycling it can produce PET pellets and it can make PET sheet directly. This is a branch of our direct extrusion technology!

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