ECOFEL Series CO2 Foam XPS Production Line

>>ECOFEL Series CO2 Foam XPS Production Line
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Project Description

The ECOFEL series XPS (eXtruded PolyStyrene) line represents the most advanced China-made XPS production line. Our years of experience cooperating with international groups will help you launch a world-class XPS factory. Trust our expertise to become competitive in your market.

ECOFEL is leading the technology of CO2 foam XPS production line that also retains more potential for the future. Making the XPS production greener is not only our advantage, but our commitment. Besides delivering high-performance and reliable machines, we transfer our expertise of running a good quality foam board.

Through close cooperation with customers, we design the machines from both processing characters and mechanical manufacturing so that the operation has been optimized and humanized.

From 20mm to 150mm in thickness, from 600mm to 1200mm in width, from 200kg/hr to 2000kg/hr in throughput, Useon provides a big range of production lines, in which you will find yours.

Material Handling

Accurate and stable feeding is the beginning of a good product. Long distance vacuum convey, loss-in-weight feeders or gravimetric feeders, we have a deep understanding in material handling for complicate recipe.A good feeding system design can be integrated with your existed building, raw material storage, and logistic. Meanwhile, it can retain all potential possibilities now and into the future.

Material Handling

Extrusion System

It is a great contribution that twin screw extruder has been introduced into XPS production line which improves the quality of final product and changes processing flow. Associating with characters of CO2 foam XPS processing, we have designed a special twin screw extruder for XPS production. This keeps enough mixing and dispersion while the temperature can be controlled precisely. Cooling plays a critical role in XPS production, which has direct impact on quality of the board. Our ingenious cooling channel design ensures sufficient cooling capacity and stable temperature control. Sealing is always a big challenge when CO2 is being used. Useon’s innovative sealing method solves this problem permanently.


We provide complete downstream including calibrator, haul-off, edge trimming, cut-off, stacker, and auto-packaging system. We customize downstream according customers’ final purpose or existed building. Surface planner, surface groover, embossing, shiplap edge, and tongue & groove edge all these accessories can be online or offline.

ECOFEL Series CO2 Foam XPS Production Line Downstream

Blowing Agent Dosing System

The blowing agent of XPS production has been evolving from CFC to HCFC to CO2. Each of them has its own flow characteristics. We provide integrated blowing agent dosing system for individual blowing agent and for your blowing agent portfolio. The Supercritical CO2 pumping and metering system has been considered a big challenge. Our CO2 handling system offer prooven production from years of testing.

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